About ALP


Amateur League Pickleball (ALP)  Tournaments First and Maybe League Play IF Sustainable?  Introduction & Tournament Events to Introduce, Test & Determine Optimum Format & Process

  • Commitment is By Event and  Each Event is 2 Day (1 Day,  Saturday 4hrs Pool Play Round Robin to determine Seeding and Sunday 4hrs – Championship Sunday Playoffs )
  • 4 Player Teams – 2 Male & 2 Female Players
  • 5 Skill Level Divisions – 12.3, 14.3, 16.3, 18.3, and 20.3  (Self-Rating Unless DUPR is available and Accurate for a Player)  
  • 4 Person Team Rating can not exceed the Skill Level for the specific Event you Enter, if so, Must sign up for the next Highest Level
  • Continued – This also means that in the GhostBreaker No 2 players in this Game can have a combined rating that Exceeds 7.99.
  • Rally Scoring – Score Point at conclusion of every Rally,  Until Freeze Points of 1st team to reach 20 and Trailing team Freezes when they Reach 18.  
  • Rally Scoring – Continued –  Once a Team Reaches Freeze Point, they have to be Serving to get a Point. 
  • 2 Team Matchup and Best of 5 Games,  Women Doubles, Men Doubles, Mixed #1 Doubles, Mixed #2 Doubles, and GhostBreaker (Tie Breaker/ Mini-Singles) (if Required)
  • 1st to 21 Win by 2,  1st Team reaches 20 has to serve to win game and  both teams from that point forward use Rally scoring, except to win game.
  • Women Doubles, Men Doubles, Mixed Doubles #1, Mixed Doubles #2, and  GhostBreaker.
  • GhostBreaker tie breaker Singles Half Court, both HeadOn (score is odd/even) and Diagonal Cross Court (score is  Odd/Odd or Even/Even)
  • Captain Determines Mixed Doubles Pairings, Order of Play for Mixed and GhostBreaker tie breaker, if Required.   This includes deciding Male vs Female and best Strategy.
  • In All Doubles Games, each player must stay on the side of the court they start on at beginning of the game, Until 11 when teams switch sides of the Courts, then Players can switch from Odd to Even or Even to Odd position, if they choose to do so.
  • Net Serves that land IN receiving box are REPLAYed.
  • 11 Points Triggers a Team change of Court side.  If the Players like, they switch positions at this time.  Again, if they choose to switch positions.
  • Spin Paddle by 1 captain and other calls Up or Down OR # behind Back  to determine Choice of Serve or Receive.