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Amateur League Pickleball Tournament @ Blackburn Pickleball Pavilion - Mount Vernon, Washington

March 16-17th, 2024 - Skagit Valley College - 2405 E College Way, Mount Vernon WA 98273

12 Teams - 4 Teams Per Pool - 3 Pools Per Skills 18.3(4.5), 16.3(4.0), 14.3(3.5) & 12.3(3.0)

Captain your own 4-player team (2 women and 2 men), or register as a Solo Player and be placed on a team. There will be two Divisions of 8 teams each: Division 18.3(4.5), 16.3(4.0), 14.3(3.5) & 12.3(3.0). Aggregate skill level/division team’s players not to exceed 18.3,16.3,14.3, or 12.3.  For example, a team whose 4 players are DUPR rated (only if accurate or selfrate 3.0, 3.5, 3.5, and 3.75 will have a combined total team rating of 13.75 (less-than 14.3).

Pool Play Day 1-Saturday for All Divisions and Determine Seeding/Byes for Day 2-Championship Sunday

The ALP Team Rally Scoring format is very similar to that of Major League Pickleball (MLP) – Goal is to have minimum 2 Pools per Division and Each Team Per Pool has 3 Matches of 4 games per match minimum, 5th Game TieBreaker:

 Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles #1, and Mixed Doubles #2.  Rally scoring to 21, win by 2.

GhostBreaker(Ghost Doubles,Mini/Skinny singles) to break any 2-2 ties for 3-2 Winner determined.

Format/Start Times of Pool Play TBD Tourney Day based on # of Team/Player/Pools Registered

Division 1 18.30(4.5) Pool Play: Saturday Check-In 8:30-9am – Courts Reserved Until 6:00PM

Division 2 16.30(4.0) Pool Play: Saturday Check-In 8:30-9am – Courts Reserved Until 6:00PM

Division 3 14.30 (3.5) Pool Play: Saturday Check-In 8:30-9am – Courts Reserved Until 6:00PM

Division 4 12.30 (3.0) Pool Play: Saturday Check-In 8:30-9am – Courts Reserved Until 6:00PM

Championship Sunday Playoff Per Division – Check-In 8:30-9am – Courts Reserved Until 6:00PM 

The ALP Format is a Team Rally Scoring format very similar to that of Major League Pickleball (MLP). In ALP, if there’s a tie after 4 games (2-2), a GhostBreaker (Ghost Doubles, Mini-Singles, Skinny singles) tiebreaker is played with rotating 4 players per team. 

Contact Nick Brown 503-816-3574 for any questions Pertaining to the Event.  Captains/Solos Send Text 503-816-3574

RECS Club Address-  2405 E College Way, Mount Vernon, WA 98273


Each Day Actual play time is 2-3 hrs  >>> * Pools Start Time May Vary Depending On Registrations

Saturday and Sunday – March 16-17,2024  

Check-In – 8:30 – 9am Courts Reservation starts 9am and  Stops 6pm.   

Captains meeting 8:45am & Warmup 9:00-9:15am    

Format Intro/Group PIC 9:00M and Matches start at 9:20am


Gold Team (Choice of Gifts), Silver Team and Bronze teams (Choice of Flask or Bag) determined on Championship Sunday. 

Winning Gift Potentials Amazon Gift Cards, 40oz Flask, and Paddle bag.  Gifts/Medals are all Dependent on Team Count.

Current Registered Players/Teams/Captains/Solos – If I have miss-stated please msg me.

 Please Recruit More Players/Teams – We have a ways to go before we can have a Full Formatted ALP Tourney
Team Count Division Team Name Captain Players
1 12.3(3) Pickle Me Not Dan Wenceslao Dan Wenceslao
        Marguerite Wenceslao
        Jennifer Turner 
Dave Duzon
Solo-Sub 12.3(3) AK&2M Mark McCann Mark McCann-Maybe Sub
3 12.3(3) Dink N Doink Travis LoGrande Travis LoGrande-Captain
        Don Wold
        Georgia Cole
        Eloisa Borbe
1 14.3(3.5) Skagit Four Marilyn Pinquoch Marilyn Pinquoch-Captain
        Larry Otos
        Tony Pickering
        Jill Heydon
2 14.3(3.5) Donk a Dink Ray Elliott Ray Elliott-Captain
        Carol Beebe
        Player3-Not Registerd
        Player4-Not Registerd
1 16.3(4) Midcourt Crisis Dave Lyon Dave Lyon-Captain
        Lane Taylor
        Viviano Gutierrez
        Julie Farrow
2 16.3(4) Skagit Ballers Mike Sarrazin KJ Babu
        Theresa McCartney
        Mike Sarrazin-Captain
        Dani Cooper
3 16.3(4) Dink Maestros Robin Paape Robin Paape-Captain
        Kimiyo Schau
        Mickey Fowler
        Michael Abbott
  ? TDB Solo Michelle Sand
  14.3(3.5) TDB Solo Jeff Morris

Registration Fee per Player – Early Registration $55 and $70 for ALL Players (After February)

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