Nick was an avid tennis player for over 30 years, and has played in USTA Team Tennis with both men’s and mixed teams in the Portland, Oregon area. He has captained several teams and traveled to indoor clubs through out Oregon/Washington for matches. The team-building, camaraderie, and friendly competition made these experiences very enjoyable.
With the introduction of Rally scoring and 4-person team aspects to Pickleball by Major League Pickleball, Nick tested this new ALP format with 4 teams and 16 players and it was very well received. We are expecting that Players will continue to play traditional (Legacy) Pickleball format, as well as the Rally scoring 4-Person team format. This new ALP format with over 20 Introduction Events have taken place in Prineville, Redmond, Bend PZB, Clackamas, La Pine and Soon in Bellingham. Nick with a small team are organizing a 48-player June 3rd/4th 2023 Tournament with 12 teams. ALP Next Phases underway and Potentials – There is requests/negotiations underway to hold the 4-Person team tournaments beyond Prineville to include Redmond, Bend, LaPine, and Portland. Each team that plays in one of the ALP tournaments will earn points based on how well their team does, ie. Making it to the Playoff round, advancing in the playoff round, Winning Gold, Silver or Bronze will add to the Team’s point tally (TBD). The potential is for each team that earns enough points would advance to a ALP District/Sectional or some form of League Championship. Uncertain exactly what venues will be scheduled for sure, but the potential is to have 3 teams from each tournament venue in Prineville, Redmond, LaPine, and Portland advance to a 12 Team Chanpionship that will have prizes, including cash awarded for the teams that place. If possible all Tournaments will have Cash included in the rewards for placing. Nick has created/funded the Amateur League Pickleball company, this includes having this AmateurLeaguePickleball.com website professionally developed. When Nick started down this path, the goal was to make it free and it has been so far, free for everyone that has played, except Nick, The ALP introductions where possible, will continue to be free, but there will be a Fee for the Tournaments. No surprise really, All tournaments cost money. and have fees. Some of these fees vary by venue with court rental charges or percentage of player fee, address specific insurance requirements, maintenance crews, setup/down, balls, clipboards, printing supplies, prizes like trophy bowl, engraving, medals, drinks, snacks, and continue website operational and development costs to help reduce the manual time administer the Players, Teams, results,etc… My goal is for it to pay for itself and not be a on-going negative balance. Oh and the time associatd with tournaments and Introduction events. If for some reason, there are some players with right skill level really like the format, and want to play, but find trouble with being able to pay the fee, please confidentially approach Nick to work it out.

2 Team Matchup and Best of 5 Games,  Women Doubles, Men Doubles, Mixed #1 Doubles, Mixed #2 Doubles, and GhostBreaker – Tie Breaker (if Required)GhostBreaker (tie breaker) to 17 by 2, Freeze at 16 and 14  (Behind team still does Rally Scoring Until they get to 12)Women’s Double, Men’s Double, Mixed Doubles #1, Mixed Doubles #2,  and Tie Breaker – GhostBreaker – Ghost Doubles (Singles Cross Court and Head On Depending on Score for both Server and Receiver.)  Position is always based on Odd or Even Score for both sides of the court.  Captain Determines Mixed Doubles Pairings, Order of Play for Mixed Doubles #1 & Mixed Doubles #2 and GhostBreaker, if Required.   This includes deciding Male vs Female if best Strategy. 

If Either team would like to switch their Player position from Odd to Even Side of Court, they may do so at 11 when teams switch court sides.  Only if they want to, it’s up to each team to decide if they want to switch.

4 Player Teams – 2 Male & 2 Female Players 1 Skill Level 7.00-7.99  (DUPR if available – Secondary Options – UPTR , Other Leagues/Clubs)- Starting with 1 Skill Level and Determining if Skill Level 8-8.99 players have interest… 2 Player Combined Rating Can Not Exceed 7.99, ie. 4.08 + 3.99=8.07 Exceeds, so Doesn’t Pass.  4.08 + 3.91=7.99 Team Passes.  Rally Scoring – Score Every Point No Matter If Serving or Not, until Freeze Points of 1st to 20 and trailing team at 18.Rally Scoring – Stops –  Once a Team Reaches Freeze Point, they have to be Serving to get a Point.  Trailing Still Uses Rally Scoring Until they get to Freeze of 18.  Except in GhostBreaker tie breaker if 2-2 Games score to determine Best of 5 with 3-2 Winner.

DUPR ratings Preferred to be utilized.  Next Preferred is UTPR Rating System.  Next Rating by a Certified Ratings Clinician.
Captain’s Rating: If a player doesn’t have a UTPR or DUPR.
If a players Rating is out of date due to various reasons, ALP Director should be approached for a Ruling based on the Player special circumstances.

 To develop a new Team Rally Format where the Team Play format can be played in both Tournaments and League events.  This requires Development of Rules,  Testing,  Skill Levels, Venues, Frequency of Play, and Introduction to New Players to determine if it is a Sustainable format. 

When Freeze Points are Reached by either team, the Player rotation is the same where Player 1,2,3,4 order Continues until a Winner is Declared.  The confusing aspect of this, is that you have to think in Terms of Rally not Points.  There will be multiple Rallies where no point is scored.  A Rally played triggers a Player Rotation.  Up Until Freeze Points each team can divide combined score by 4 to determine Player Rotation.

This is 4 Teams and 16 Players play 3 matches in Round Robin format. Then the results of the Matches/Games determine #1, #2… seeding into a playoff, If time Allows for a playoff. We are not playing any playoff matches until the Tournament in June.  Games are Womens and Mens Doubles, Mixed Doubles #1, Mixed Doubles #2 for 4 games.  If tied 2-2, the GhostBreaker is played to determine Best of 5 Games 3-2 Winner of the Match.   There is no Fee associated with the Intro events, unless being played at a Private club and Non-Member.

June Tournament Event will Start with 12 Teams and 48 Players.  Top 6 Teams will be Seeded by committee and divided into the 3 pools 2 per pool.  The 3 Pools with 4 Teams per Pool A, B, and C All 3 Pools Play on 6 Courts.  2 Teams Per Court Per Match.  Each team in the Pool will play Round Robin format where they play complete matches against all 3 Teams in their Pool. Check-In Saturday 8:00 am Check-In/WarmUps and 9am Matches Start.   Pool Round Robin format, Where each team per pool will have 3 Matches and Minimum for 4 Games per Match with a 5th Game GhostBreaker tie break if required for Best of 5,  This will Determine Seeding to Determine what teams make it to the Playoffs on Sunday 1PM Start for Playoff.

Let Player Interest Level and Demand Determine the answer to  “What is the End Game ?” Question.  OR is It A Case that 1 More ALP Newbie Player, 1 More Match/Game, 1 More New Place to Play?? AND No END Game.    To quote Retired Tennis Legend Andre Agassi  ” I will play this Pickeleball Game Until I can No Longer Walk…”  Anyone Else have that Feeling? 

I know I Do! 

 This Game HAS and IS Changing My Life!! PickleOn! & ALPOn!!

Nick Brown

ALP- Amateur League Pickleball 2023-June

A team is two ladies and two men.

A match consists of four games to 21 win by two using rally scoring with a freeze at 20 and 18

Ladies Doubles

• Mens Doubles

• Mixed Doubles #1

• Mixed Doubles #2


If a team is tied after all four games are played the tie breaker is ghost doubles. Rally scoring – In rally scoring the team winning the point being played gets a point regardless of who served. If the team that serves the ball wins the point, the other player on that team serves next. If the team serving loses the point the serve goes to the other team and the server is determined based on their score. Example- Team A serves the ball and calls the score 0-0, they lose the point so team B now serves from the odd side of the court and the score is 1-0. Freeze- Once one team gets to 20, then they can only gain a point if they were the serving team. Once one team reaches 20 the other team can continue to score points when not serving until they get to 18, after that both teams can only score when they are serving.


Ghost Doubles/Tie Breaker- (GhostBreaker) After playing, report scores to team captains. If the games are split between teams the team captain will determine the order for ghost doubles. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Each player plays four points and then then next player plays four points, repeatedly until a team wins. Ghost doubles is also 21 win by two using rally scoring with a freeze at 20 and 18. • The 1st player from each team goes onto the court with the server on the even side and the receiver in the diagonal odd side. Play must occur diagonally, and any ball hit into the opposite square will be out, including in the kitchen (imagine a line down the middle). If that player scores a point, they move over to the odd square to serve, the receiver does not move, and play occurs facing each other. •

The 1st players play 4 points and then rotate off and the 2nd players both take the court and pick up play. This continues until a team reaches 21 win by 2.

• When one team gets to a score that is frozen, call the score 20-18-1, 20-18-2, 20-18-3, 20-18-4 with the last number representing the number of Rallys played by the current players. 4 Rally Rotation. Starting play- Use numbers behind the back, or a handle mark up or down. Winning team gets to decide serve/ receive or side. Serving team starts on even side and calls score of 0-0. The team winning the point gets the point and gets to serve. If the serving team wins the point then the other member of that team serves. NO SWITCHING PLACES with your partner, UNTIL TEAMS SWITCH Sides at 11. IF You WANT to. Switch sides at 11- The first team to reach 11 play stops and sides are switched. Time outs – Each team may call two (2) time outs in each game. Let Serves – ARE ALWAYS REPLAYED, If IN of Course..Ball must strike Net and Land IN Receiving Box.