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Amateur League Pickleball Tournament (ALP) @ Pickleball Zone Bend Oregon

June 1-2, 2024 - 63040 NE 18th St, Bend, OR 97701

4 Player Team (2 Women/2 Men) Rally format-Day 1 Pool Play and Day 2 Playoff-All Teams

No Results will be uploaded to DUPR unless requested and all players in a match approve upload.

Captain your own 4-player team (2 women and 2 men), or register as a Solo Player and be placed on a team. There will be two Divisions of 8 teams each: Division 18.3(4.5), 16.3(4.0), 14.3(3.5) & 12.3(3.0). Aggregate skill level/division team’s players not to exceed 20.3(5.0),18.3(4.5),16.3(4.0),14.3(3.5), or 12.3(3.0)  For example, a team whose 4 players are DUPR rated (only if accurate or selfrate 3.0, 3.5, 3.5, and 3.75 will have a combined total team rating of 13.75 (less-than 14.3).

The ALP Team Rally Scoring format is very similar to that of Major League Pickleball (MLP) – Goal is to have minimum 2 Pools per Division and Each Team Per Pool has 3 Matches of 4 games per match minimum, 5th Game Tie-Breaker:

 Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles #1, and Mixed Doubles #2.  Rally scoring to 21, win by 2.

GhostBreaker (Ghost Doubles, Mini/Skinny singles) to break any 2-2 ties for 3-2 Winner determination.

Format/Start Times of Pool Play & Playoff TDB based on Registered Players/Teams by Division – Normally Pool consists of 4 Teams and Round Robin 3 Matches per Team.  All teams are Seeded and Qualify for Day 2 and Playoff Brackets with Single Elimination.  If the Division is smaller, 4-5 teams then Double-Elimination will be considered, depending on courts availability.

$$Gifts$$ TBD based on Registrations, Normally Gifts go to All Gold, Silver, & Bronze Medals, Amazon Gift Cards, or Paddle Bag or Other New Useful Gifts.   Again..TBD

Contact Nick Brown for any questions Pertaining to the Event.  Captains/Players Send Text/Call 503-816-3574

Register Per Player for $70 By Clicking on Green Button below – Include your Captain and Team’s Name if Known-Remember Normally Day 1 3-4 hrs & Day 2 2-5 hrs (depending on advancement in playoff rounds) Commitment.

Green Buttons Below - Returning ALP Players - LOGIN 1st & Click on REGISTRation Button 2nd - All new Players Click on 2nd Button Below

June 1st Saturday-Pool Play Captain CheckIN - 11:30 L4 Lounge Player CheckIN - 12:00 - 8 Courts Open
Group Picture 12:30
Matches Start 12:35
June 2nd Sunday-PlayOffs Captain CheckIN - 12:00 L4 Lounge Player CheckIN - 12:30 - 8 Courts Open
Matches Start - 1:00

 Team Name/Captain-Players

 Kitchen Commandos-Kay Harris

Andrew Fazekas

Alex Brown

Jane Noonan

 3JP-Jennifer Moss

Cris Taylor

Rich Taylor

John WIley

 DinktilUDrop-Jose Graterol

Ashleigh Mitchell

Dayna Taus

RJ Petershagen

 Untamed-Leslie Mills

Georgie Scott

Ryan McHugh

Carl Click

 The Amazing Cupcakes-Micah Faas

Steve Burkett

Jen Burkett

Melissa Faas

 Dinkasaurs-Michael Kopp

Harold Moniz

Ellie Love

Svetlana Dieringer

 Dare Doubles-Kristy Cooper

Cheri Towery

Chris Foster

Josh Stalcup

 The DILLinquents-Dennis Legg

Nancy Hinnen

Jim Kane

Beth Erickson

 Spicy Picklers-Jen Jordan

Steve Geist

Jarrod Burguan

Nancy Darling

 Fickle Pickle-Marchelle Kesler

Ken Kesler

Pam Brewster

Simon Davidson

 Big Dan and The Wifflers-Jaired Rodmaker

Daniel Hiebert

Jac Summers

Atira Fairbanks

 Fun Times-Lavonne Kramer

Teri Ehnthoht

Rick Einright

Rob Radanovich

 Blazing Paddles-Cathy Hundley

Ruth Neufeld

Dave Wilson

Don Clare

 Smash Squad-Teresa Freeman

Flip Freeman

Jake Agatucci

Lea Hart

 Volly Llamas-Kurt Noonan

Will Dominguez

Marie Dominguez

Karen Farina

 I’d Tap That-Jacob Hair

John Higgins

Ronnie Meisenheimer

Carol Pfeifer-Brown